In 2019, LICHA held an English Tea party fundraiser organized by my missionary high school teacher who donated her 80th birthday gifts. Other donations were from friends and family in Tacoma. LICHA raised enough money to purchase 13 goats and a volunteer was selected as the Program Coordinator.  

LICHA identified and held discussions with other organized groups to learned more about the project.  The concept of the project is to select one person to receive the pregnant goat. If a goat is well taken care of it is supposed to give birth to two kids. 

The group chose the first recipient in the group to receive the pregnant goat. The first recipient was to look after the kid goat for six months then pass it on to the next person in line. The second kid was given to the third person. After the goat gives birth to two kids, the owner will own the original goat for good. The process will continue until all the families in each group get a goat. We also had a goat management meeting by the County Veterinary Officer to teach owners how to properly care for their goats. 

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